So, I’m starting on a new project.  I’ve got a TNC PI on the way.  I want to do some experimenting with APRS.  I’d like to eventually set up a digipeater.  There is a very large hole in coverage between Indianapolis and Chicago.  Monticello is positioned right in the middle of that gap.  In addition, I want to experiment with sending weather data over APRS.  That might work for another project that I have brewing.

More to come, I’m just excited about starting a new ham project.






  • Terry Floyd says:

    Good luck with your project. I too am working on the same thing. I had a major setback with mine when I smoked my Pi Model B working on the battery/charging wiring. Fortunately John at Coastal says my TNC-PI will work with the new Pi 3 B so I’ve ordered a Pi 3 B which is much fast and will give me wifi and blue tooth also.
    Regards and 73’s
    Terry K8KZP

  • kc9dhr says:

    Thanks, Terry. The good thing is that Raspberry Pi’s are relatively inexpensive. I have a Pi3 and it works great. Mine is coming in the mail. I’m a kid waiting for Christmas. There are so many things that you can do with both the Pi and the TNC!

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