License Study Materials

If you are new to ham radio or if you are looking to upgrade your current license there are multitudes of websites that can help you get your “ticket”.  Here are a few that I have found helpful.  Please feel free to comment with your favorites.

  • The old standby, the ARRL license manuals.  They can be purchased through the ARRL. Their website also has good information about the licensing process.
  • Dave Casler, KE0OG, has a great site for folks who are interested in getting or upgrading their ticket.  Be sure to check out his videos that are intended to complement the ARRL study guide.
  • NC4FB has a self-study program for all of the license classes.  Here is the link to the Technician license study program.
  • The ARRL has a Practice Exam page.  Link

There are other great resources out there, but these are a start.


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