SSTV on a winter’s day

I was scanning through 20m this morning and heard something weird at 14230.  After doing a little Google-fu I figured out it was Slow Scan TV signal.  With a little more research, I found out that there is an app for that!  The Apple Appstore has an app called SSTV.  In Google Play, for those android users, there are a couple of options.  SSTV Encoder and Robot36 are a few.

So, since I wasn’t going anywhere due to the snow, I downloaded the app and began to play.  Of course as soon as I got the app, the person on 14230 stopped transmitting.  So, I got to looking around and there is a 2M allocation for SSTV at 145.500.

It just so happened that the repeater was busy with traffic this afternoon because everyone else was sitting inside to escape the weather.  I got to talking to Leroy, KD9GWH, and he had the app for android so away we went trying to get this thing to work.

The first image that I sent to Leroy successfully came across ok, but Leroy was unable to save it.  He then sent me this picture.

Yes, it is a picture of a piece of fencing.

Then he took a picture of the snow outside and tried to transmit.  This is what I received…

Apparently, we weren’t on the same page as far as mode went so we tried again.  This time the results were better and Chad, KD9DUX joined us.

Chad’s picture is the one on the right.  He was doing better than I was as far as receiving goes.  We tried one more time and this time the picture looked pretty good.  The subject matter is pretty handsome, if I must say.

Leroy hopped off for a bit.  The noisy SSTV was disturbing the other residents of his QTH.  So, Chad and I exchanged SSTV QSO’s.  Here is what Chad got from me…

This is what I got from Chad…

As you can see the skew is off for me.

Overall, this was a fun little experiment.  Great for a snowy day.


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