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HR360 Antenna Analyzer

So as most of you know, W9PEP and I have been gathering pieces to make an Arduino based Antenna Analyzer. Tonight at the meeting we were asked about our progress so I thought I’d post up a preview of what we’re making and give credit to the HamRadio360 guys who did most of the work to clean up K6BEz’s original design and make it available to the general public. I’ll post links to their website and their Project Info page for the antenna Analyzer at the end of this. We’re planning to build them Saturday morning at my QTH, if anyone wants to stop by and check it out they’re more than welcome, I’m also going to try to teach W9PEP how to solder effectively so that might be a source of entertainment.

The total cost for this project, per board came up to $65, I paid double the price HR360 wants for the boards because they’ve been sold out since we started looking. I also paid retail for all the components through Amazon and Digi-Key, with some careful shopping I’m pretty sure the price point could be brought down below $50. Anyway, on to the pictures.

This is the Arduino that will control the whole project, it’s a Nano, which as far I know is the smallest footprint available.

Custom board printed by OSH-Park, out of Washington State.  They have great customer service and I highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a board. Purple only, and a Minimum order of 3.

Direct Digital Sampling Module, This is what actually looks at the RF and converts it into something the Arduino understands. I thought it was 0-70Mhz but it’s actually 0-40Mhz, so I guess 6m is out, I have a 3rd board so I might look into seeing if I can find one that’s usable in VHF or UHF frequencies, still looking at options for it.

Two line LCD, as recommended by HR360.  this is white letters on a blue backlight, It was cheapest on Amazon the day I ordered, nothing real special about it.

This is the major components sitting on the board showing the form factor. The input is BNC, and I need to look at power requirements but If I remember correctly it will run off of a couple of batteries pretty easily. Board will have a barrel jack for power input, but that can be easily modified.


HR360 Project Page:


I shamelessly stole the Semi-Finished picture on the White Board from HR360, hopefully they don’t mind too much.


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