Winter Field Day 2017 Wrapup

Well, Winter Field Day 2017 has come and gone.  We kicked things off at 2p.  LeRoy starting working HF and Chad and Phil began chasing the elusive 1500 point bonus from satellite contacts.  Dave Hurd supervised the madness and worked some HF as well.  We were able to find some simple plans to build a 2m /70cm yagi.  After about 2 hours of work we had a workable yagi antenna.  Our test was to try to hit the repeater from the kitchen.  We were able to do so with a Baofeng handheld on low power.  We figured that meant we could key up satellites.

LeRoy Work the HF Rig:

The Yagi antenna being contructed…


Chad showing us the 3d printer.  Note the antenna analyzer on the table too.

Chad working HF

In all we had a great time.  Although we didn’t make a satellite contact, we did hear a couple of satellites.  The best part was that there was plenty of great food, lots of great conversation and plenty of dreaming about Winter Field Day buses that we could get.  Big thanks to Chad Ziemer and Dave Hurd for hosting us (Vanessa Z and Becky G for putting up with us!  )

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