WSPR transmitter build

The next project that we thought we could tackle is building a WSPR transmitter.  WSPR stands for the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter.  These small transmitters can be used for various purposes.  They can be used to see how well your antenna is working or they can be used to see what propagation is like on a band.

The kit that we are looking at is the one from QRP labs.  Here is a link to it QRP_Labs.

We are looking at building this as a group, so if you’re interested please purchase one.  We will be meeting on March 4th after the General Class.

It should be a fun project.

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  • Kd9dux says:

    Just an update, Phil and I just got shipping notifications this week, so I imagine we’ll post an updated build day whenever they show up, so if anyone else wants in I’m sure we can wait!

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